Sunday, August 9, 2009

Who Am I?

I am a maturing Christian who has good days and bad days. A son who has a meaningful relationship with his mom, and who loved his departed dad. A good brother to my two siblings, and an uncle who adores his niece and nephew. A part of a Men’s Bible Study, a close friend to a few men. A lover of people but an introvert at heart who must balance relationships with solitude. A basketball player, runner, hiker, swimmer, reader, traveler, and lifelong learner. I am a motorcycle riding, beach going, Mexican food loving, kind of guy. An entrepreneur who has way more good ideas than he could ever implement and one who has failed many times. I am a husband who loves his wife but has seen his share of ups and downs in marriage, a proud father who would give his life for his two kids on earth.
I AM ALSO THE FATHER OF A PRECIOUS DAUGHTER IN HEAVEN. I am the Alpha male to my affectionate Siberian Husky named Ari. I am a leader, pastor, church planter, celebrant, coach, speaker and writer. I am a visionary who despises details and I’m rhythmically challenged. I’m not a handyman; I don’t fix things around the house. I like cars but don’t work on them, I don’t like gardening and I hate rats!

That's me .... Dave

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