Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BREAKING the Silence!

Alex White

We had a wake, a viewing of Jackie's body, the night before her funeral. The wake was just for family and close friends. Jackie looked like she was peacefully sleeping in the casket. She looked cherub like in her beautiful white dress and ruby red slippers. Reality sinks in quickly when you see your little angel lying in a casket on a dark Spring night. Our family had been at the wake for a couple of hours and we were getting ready to call it a night when my sister Suzy and her husband Mark, along with their month old baby Alex, walked into the Lassila Funeral Home in Auburn, CA. There was a noticeable silence in the room when the White family entered. Jackie, the life of any party, was lying still in a little white casket. You could hear a pin drop. Then out of the silence came a loud cry from Alex which pierced the stillness and broke the silence. It was music to my ears!!! In the midst of our despair there was hope! One child dies, another one is born. One child's last breath is taken, another one's first breath is given. The circle of life was staring us in the face. Jackie had died. Alex was alive and full of life!  

Alex is now 9 years old and a beautiful little girl. I love her dearly and she touches my heart with her interest in Jackie. Alex recently made a cover for my book I hope to one day publish on Jackie's life and death. She called it "Jacqueline Brooke Page" by Dave Page - A true story!"

Thank you God for Alex and her loud cry that night,