Friday, October 8, 2010

HEAVEN by Jessica Page


Mommy, what's wrong with me?
My head hurts so bad.
You take me to the doctor's and tell me that I'm sick.
Why do you and Daddy look so sad?

I don't want any more radiation, Mommy.
Please get me out of this place.
I want to talk to you but my mouth won't move.
All I can do is watch your crying face.

Mommy, I can laugh and smile again!
Guess who I can see?
Jesus is calling me towards Heaven;
You always said it is such a great place to be.

Mommy, I'm getting closer now.
I'm walking through big golden gates.
Stop crying for me Mommy cause I will see you again.
And I will be happy up here as I wait.

by Jessica Page


  1. Please email me! I have a question about your blog :)

  2. This is a beautiful poem. I just found your blog while searching for resources after losing my 3.5 month old son to a congenital heart defect. Thank you.